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College Pathway

Assistance for Mustangs Players Considering College

Mustangs Rugby actively assists U18 players in their process to find the right College for their continued education and ongoing rugby careers. Our senior coaches have significant contact with many College Coaches around the country and our National ranking means our players are being recognised.

To further assist our pre-college players Mustangs Rugby is pleased to announce we have partnered with local Rugby College Admissions Advisor, Karen Fong Donoghue,  owner and founder of The Rugger’s Edge, the only resource providing college counseling services specifically for rugby players. Karen works with us to provide our players with admissions help targeted to the rugby athlete who wants to continue playing in college.

Karen helps aspiring collegiate rugby players gain admission and receive scholarship money for their rugby talent! As a former Division 1 Collegiate All American rugby player at the University of California, Davis as well as National U-23 player, Karen knows firsthand what the collegiate rugby landscape looks like. As an elite level referee at national collegiate and youth tournaments, she has relationships with all of the top college rugby coaches, knows what they are looking for and in turn can help share this knowledge with you.

As a credentialed guidance counselor with a masters degree in counseling, Karen strongly believes in the philosophy of “Student First, Athlete Second.” Her higher education expertise helps rugby families factor in both the student’s academic and athletic goals in choosing the best fit college. She has been advising families since 2008 and volunteers her time as the Academic Advisor for the USA Rugby High School All American program as well as contributes her expertise in her bi-monthly Rugby Magazine college planning column.

Karen will provide free seminars for us, and is available at very reasonable fees for more in depth college admissions advising.  We're very excited about this partnership!

Check our her facebook page for more free tips and advice:


Academic Resources


USA Rugby believes that Rugby Players are Students First, Athletes Second.

Universities look for students who will perform well in the classroom and add to the campus community through participation in college rugby. Although college can not be all things to all students, with proper planning it can meet your needs and expectations. High school is an excellent time to identify what you expect

from college. Finding the right college is important, not just so you pick the right rugby team, but so you enjoy your college life and receive a good education. Picking a college is not just about four years of your life; it is a decision that will affect the next forty years!

USA Rugby encourages everyo

ne who has the opportunity to join and to be part of a college rugby team to do so. It is a major time commitment, but it will greatly enrich your college experience and provide you with new lifelong friends, fond memories and fun stories.

College and University Programs


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San Diego Youth Rugby would like to thank Karen Fong Donoghue for her assistance in developing this webpage and providing the attachments. Karen, a former Rugby Collegiate All-American who now helps high school/youth student-athletes with the college admissions process, may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.