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Rugby's Unique Culture

Rugby Has a Unique Culture

Rugby culture is distinctive and it is what draws people to the sport for life. The culture is centered around teamwork, commitment, respect and sportsmanship. This culture is reflected at every level of rugby, wherever and whenever it is played. In our rugby community you can experience this first-hand at any rugby game day both on and off the field. The focus of the day is on teamwork, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Rugby Saturday's are family events with food and fun.

-The home club hosts the visiting teams with a post-match meal and socializing. 

-The referees are law. They are respected and called “sir” or "mam". 

-While on the field players work as a team to compete at their collective highest level, but when the game ends respect and friendship is shown to the opposition.


  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Solidarity 
  • Discipline
  • Respect